Are Mailing Lists Dead?

What really is the relevance of a digital ‘mailing list’, especially deep in the era of Web 2.0?

The obligatory “tick to receive promotional material and updates” on all sign up forms online is one that is nearly always left unchecked, so whats even the point?


the rare occasion of an inbox kept to a single digit thanks to mailing lists and e-marketing strategies

Gone are the days of the unsuspecting victim who falls into the trap of leaving the box checked when processing details to purchase a product online, as we have all fallen into this trap before! As the consumer has gotten smarter, companies are getting sneakier. From strategies to now ‘uncheck’ the already checked box as well as rechecking the box when you fail to correctly match your email address’ are new tactics that can trap those who are unsuspecting. It seems like marketers are treating these methods as a consumer game rather than an effort to promote their brand, personally i find it a deterrent for even purchasing.

76% of Australian internet users have purchased online – making 76%+ of Australians aware of the dreaded promotional box.

To make matters worse for the marketers who lack any creative flair and assume that a mailing list will have an affect on their unsuspecting victims, G-mail’s Promotions tab now filters all the spammed junk out of your primary inbox into a never noticed black hole (without you doing anything).

It ponders the question, whats the point of paying someone to write up weekly or even daily promotional report when hardy anyone even gives it a second look? do marketers need to find more creative ways to get through to their customers? or is this now part of the e-marketing trade to keep bosses happy and a secure job?

E-mailing lists are dead, or at least fast approaching the electronic grave (where Myspace now rests). It seems like only a matter of time before companies realise they are wasting their time and resources in something that now offers such little return.






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