Traditional v Digital Media Who Wins?

Is #digital just a trending hash tag in the marketing communications world or is it really the killer of the traditional mediums of print, radio and TV?

It’s a concept that is constantly brought up, mentioned and referred to, but will digital content in the marketing landscape be the final chapter for traditional mediums?

Put simply, no.

Traditional mediums have stood the test of time, is it even possible to imagine a world without traditional advertising? Here’s some perspective:


Surprisingly, statistics show that expenditure on traditional mediums have not dropped, but have stalled. They will remain ever present within the marketing landscape and it would be ignorant for anyone to suggest that traditional media is ‘dying’ . The effectiveness of print ads in this current era, to print ads in the 50’s can be understandably questioned as consumers become ‘immune’ to constant exposure to marketing, but why pass up an opportunity to present a brand on a tangible billboard which will either consciously or if not, sub consciously reach the mind of projections

Digital is merely a new playground that presents a range of opportunities but hasn’t yet been fully explored and discovered. The beauty of digital is that its opportunities are endless, from mobile geo-tagging to sharing media on the move and being able to specifically target audiences via the internet, digital has definitely now become one of the major pillars in the marketing and advertising landscape. In an age of the Web 2.0 and mass information, digital presents itself as a perfect opportunity for companies, especially in the field of interactivity when creating campaigns.

These mediums are going though phases in a new era of advertising and marketing, marketers need to ensure that they marry the digital and traditional sides together, rather than settle divorce papers before their relationship has even started. Car Manufactures, KIA have presented a perfect example of the need to marry both traditional and digital age mediums together to create an engaging and effective creative piece:

Just like the mighty era of print and radio, TV is the next superpower of advertising to be replaced by the newcomer of digital, question is how long will the era remain for? will print, TV or radio ever completely die out? would love to hear some opinions in the comments below!




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