Kickstart Your Marketing Strategies

Kickstarter, the pioneer of funding nearly any idea imaginable by people who don’t possess the bank accounts of corporate fat cats and big Bill (Gates). Using the concept of crowd funding, it’s been developed for anyone to put up their idea with a set target of $ that must be raised by others pledging donations in order to ‘kickstart’ the idea into a reality.


What a lot of businesses and start ups don’t understand is that even if their product or idea doesn’t need the help of a Kickstarter launch, it can still be used as a fantastic marketing tool to give insight into potential success for the idea. Businesses who may not need much funding or have the funding already to kickstart their idea may not have any idea if the concept is going to be successful. A post on Kickstarter can track whether investors are prepared to pledge their personal money into an idea, and if successful, the idea now has more money to kickstart AND they have the statistical evidence that people will back the idea and would consider purchasing in the real world.

The innovators of the internet are buried within the Kickstarter website, seeking the next outbreaking project so it is the ideal test platform to introduce a new product into the market.

Kickstarter’s Most Successful Project:

Coolest Cooler:

An innovative Kickstarter to test the waters of its market:

Hoverbike (which was also successfully funded):

Leave a comment on any strategies or methods that can be used on Kickstarter as a marketing tool rather than a platform to generate capital!